Regd. Govt of India, NCT, New Delhi
Ministry of HRD Govt. of India (Secondary and Higher Education CR Act)
Department of Labour, Govt. of NCT, New Delhi
AN ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Orgazination

Whichever employee has joined in the last 3 months. If they have not met their targets and have not reported to the company daily, then the post given to them will be considered invalid. And they will not get Salary too, only they will get the commission of the work done. After Lockdown there will be new joining for that post and for the same District.

Body Care Products

Name of the Products Size of the Products Apply For
Rose Satin Fairness BLEACH 20gm, 70gm & 150gm
HOT WAX 150gm & 700gm
COLD WAX 150gm & 700gm
TULSI NEEM Soap 75gml &125gm
ROSE WATER 30ml, 50ml,100ml & 200ml
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