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AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Orgazination

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Outsourcing Service


Outsourcing service is a fundamental element in almost every business today, as an ISO 9 001: 2008 certified organization; we apply strict security standards in outsourcing to insure the security of our customer's data.

Outsourcing is a common practice between both private and public organizations and is a key element of business strategy. The process of outsourcing can be seen as a strategic move between businesses. This process will try and reduce the overall cost of maintaining or increasing the quality of the product.

This can allow the firm to focus on the main activities of the business. During the last three decades, researchers have supported this phenomenon as one of the most effective ways to reduce costs. However, the overall effect of this approach is an unexplained puzzle.

The ability to make successful outsourcing decisions depends on various factors and ideas. There are two forms of outsourcing decisions that form the basis of long-term or short-term benefits to the firm. These are as follows:

Strategic Outsourcing

It is based on the firm's strategic decision; the firm decides if he wants to buy or buy a type of product, if the decision is to buy the product or service then it closes the facilities which currently produce those products. Does It reflects the importance of strategic decision to shut down its production facilities, leaving no one else.

Option to rely on an external supplier for its production.

Tactical outsourcing

It is based on the firm's strategic decision, the firm decides whether it wants to make or buy a specific part of the product in-house. It is almost possible that a series of strategic decisions can take a strategic outsourcing decision. A strategic decision is seen as an experimental stage of trial and errors in some special cases. The buyer-supplier relationship formed during the strategic decision is completely different from one created during the strategic decision-making process. A strategic outsourcing decision can always be considered as a short-term association.

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