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Ministry of HRD Govt. of India (Secondary and Higher Education CR Act)
Department of Labour, Govt. of NCT, New Delhi
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RPO Services


Given the constantly changing economic scenario of modern times, the task of recruiting quality talent has become very difficult. IT WORK understands that the requirement processing specialist has the best job because it involves intensive consideration on various aspects including recruitment, staffing, training and development and payroll compliance. To help in continuous management of your organization's process efficiency, we provide reliable and efficient recruitment process outsourcing services in different locations of India.

Depending on your requirement, the scope of the services may be included, but your internal database, candidates for job boards, posting open position ads on job boards, cv / re-screening, interview process, recruitment and on-boarding, corporate intelligence research Monitor the open positions of database maintenance, skill testing, research and other companies bore your web sites or jobs To help Don, you can analyze the market trends and recruitment market.

The objective of this phase is to understand your needs better and map a process or a model that helps you hire " on time, every time for either one hire or more at a time.

IT Work, a top ranking recruitment process outsourcing firm, we fully understand our responsibility to provide high quality and reliable recruitment solutions for your business needs. With that we provide custom solutions that can be easily integrated with the existing process so that they can provide more beneficial results within a short time. Here are some of the ways listed below which can benefit your business by hiring us.

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